Jenny Neuman

“After spending long days and sleepless evenings discussing the oppression that our people faced as Jews, I could not bear to hear the same rhetoric used against Palestinians.”

Occupation: Student

University: New York University

Organization(s): Jewish Voice for Peace, Democratic Socialists of America, Achvat Amim


Jenny Neuman is a Jewish American activist and writer from Westchester, New York.

Jenny has advocated for peace and justice in a variety of spaces and contexts. After working on Capitol Hill for Representative Eliot Engel, Jenny returned to her campus at NYU to focus on grassroots organizing and explore other ways of making change. There, she helped found her campus chapter of the Jewish Voice for Peace. She is involved with many areas of Jewish life on campus, and assisted with teaching a Jewish Learning Fellowship on Judaism and Social Justice.

In January of 2018, after receiving a grant from the Jewish Studies Fund at the Gallatin School, Jenny re-located to Jerusalem to participate in Hashomer Hatzair’s initiative, Achvat Amim (Solidarity of Nations). She plans to return to NYU afterwards and graduate in May of 2019.