Jonah ben Avraham

Occupation: Community Organizer

Organizations: International Socialist Organization, Jewish Voice for Peace

Jonah is a revolutionary socialist, a fighter in whatever struggles pit people against cops and bosses, and a proud, queer Jew for Palestine.

Jonah recently graduated from Columbia University, where he organized with the Barnard/Columbia Solidarity Network and the Barnard/Columbia Socialists. At school, he agitated against Columbia’s violence toward women, Black people, and poor and working-class students. He is proud to have gone through Columbia’s disciplinary process twice, both times for standing with Palestine and against Zionist racism. After all was said and done, he still made it out with a degree in philosophy and a muddied disciplinary record that landed him his current position as a community organizer mobilizing the Jewish community for social, racial, and economic justice.

Jonah has reported for Socialist Worker and presented at the annual Socialism conference analyzing the state of the U.S. student movement. In the Jewish community, he leads educational programming on the importance of solidarity and anti-racism in the fight against antisemitism.

Jonah loves being in community with left-wing Jews. He is an aspiring activist rabbi, and has been propelled in his Jewish journey by the radical, queer, DIY spaces that make the contemporary Jewish left the vibrant thing it is today.

When not being fabulously extra in either his fetish for neo-Chasidism or his hard-earned Marxist angst, Jonah is a hell of a laser tag player and weirdly good at arcade dance machines.

“The only thing more powerful than a good davenin’ sesh is the working class.”