Karl Anderson

Occupation: Development Associate

Organizations: US Campaign for Palestinian Rights

Links: https://twitter.com/kpa920

Karl Anderson is the development associate at the US Campaign for Palestinian RIghts since 2017, previously working as their Manager of Finance since 2015. Prior, he worked at the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice overseeing scholarship and grant distributions, among other projects. He was an organizer for the RCF 2015 Annual Peaceworks Conference, which hosted a variety of workshops and speakers such as Omar Barghouti, Jesse Hagopian, Kanahus Manuel and Gabe Schivone. In 2016, he joined a delegation to the West Bank and Jerusalem, meeting with Palestinian civil society leaders and organizers.

Graduating in 2014 from The Evergreen State College, Karl studied international relations and economics, with an emphasis in culinary ethnography, anti-colonial studies, marxist theory and revolutionary movements led by women. His most recent academic work was in the Evergreen program Alternatives to Capitalist Globalization. He presented his academic work on a culinary ethnography of the Caribbean and how capitalism shapes how food is consumed at the America Abroad symposium in Olympia, WA in May, 2013.

Karl volunteers with Collective Action for Safe Spaces. Mostly, he is involved with promoting the Street Harassment Prevention Act, a bill which would “…collect appropriate data to assess the ways that different communities experience harassment, and recommend holistic solutions to prevent harassment from escalating to more severe violence…” The bill would also emphasize solutions that do not involve criminalization of street harassment.

He has also volunteered with animal rescue organizations across the country, primarily with dogs and other small mammals. Most recently, he was a volunteer coordinator at a dog rescue in Washington DC.

An unapologetic vegan, he rejects popular understandings of veganism as a diet and instead views it as a theory of justice rooted in emphasizing racial, social and economic rights in service of total liberation.

Karl lives with two cats and spends his free time reading fiction in their presence. He lives in Washington, DC.