Manar Dajani

“I do not regret speaking out towards injustices of the oppressed. I would regret it if I didn’t.”

Occupation: Project Analyst

University: University of Maryland

Organization(s): Tau Sigma, Smith School Woman’s Society, Supply Chain Management Society

Manar Dajani is a Palestinian- American activist and business woman who is never afraid to shed light on injustices that happen across the world. Manar has been passionate about helping people; whether it is volunteering at a triathlon, a food bank, or bringing awareness to issues revolving refugees, immigrants, and minorities.

Growing up on the Eastern Shore and being one of the few Muslims in the area, she helped educate her fellow community members about Islam and helped stop the spread of Islamphobia in her small town.

Manar attended the University of Maryland, where she acted as the Treasurer and Secretary of Tau Sigma. She also was the Co-President of Student’s for Justice in Palestine, where she helped bring more awareness to the human rights violations worldwide that many minorities face.

Manar is a successful business woman who loves kids and babysits in her free time. She hopes to be a teacher one day to inspire others to do what is right, just like many of her teachers have inspired her.