Moira Geary

Institutional affiliation: SUNY Albany Masters student; graduate of Northwestern University

Moira is an educator and prospective school librarian deeply committed to social justice.

She is proud of her involvement as an undergraduate student in the #NUDivest campaign. The campaign ultimately succeeded in passing a resolution through Northwestern University’s student government formally recommending that the University divest its holdings from 6 corporations directly involved in human rights abuses against Palestinians and violations of international law.

As an educator, Moira believes in using culturally responsive pedagogy and practices that counter discrimination and injustice. Presenting students with information from a wide range of perspectives and teaching critical thinking skills are necessary along with providing opportunities that encourage social action. Having been involved in social causes against injustice, Moira believes it is critical to allow students safe outlets for expressing their views and demanding action on issues they deem important.


On #NUDivest’s mission:

On #NUDivest’s success in passing through student government: