Parker Breza

Occupation: Student

University: Tufts University

Organizations: Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine, United American Indians of New England


Parker Breza is a student at Tufts University majoring in American Studies and Colonialism Studies. Breza has been involved in progressive social movements since the beginning of high school, organizing around racial, economic, and gender justice.

Breza led the push for Tufts to recognize Indigenous Peoples Day, and works for United American Indians of New England as the Field Director on campaigns statewide. Connecting the struggle for decolonization in the United States to Palestine, Breza has been a member of Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine, and has worked closely with Tufts Jewish Voice for Peace.

He has done much work connecting American Indian and Palestine resistance to settler colonialism, having most recently organized an Indigenous Speaker Series, After Standing Rock.

“Collective liberation calls us to a global anti-colonial struggle, understanding that the struggles in Palestine and in Turtle Island to ongoing settler colonialism, are not exceptional but intertwined.”