Sumaya Awad

Occupation: Writer

University: Williams College

Organization(s): Against Canary Mission, SJP

Sumaya Awad is a Palestinian activist and writer dedicated to advocating for the rights of all Palestinians, immigrants and refugees.

Sumaya has written and spoken widely on the Palestine and refugee solidarity movements. She has been published and interviewed in a broad range of outlets, such as The Feminist Wire, Truthout, In These Times, The Middle East Solidarity Magazine, The Huffington Post and Slate.

As a recipient of the Davis Peace┬áPrize, Sumaya led a month-long journalism workshop in Jordan’s Zaatari Refugee Camp training aspiring writers displaced by the war in Syria. She also spent several weeks researching and exposing the conditions of Muslim migrant workers in Hong Kong.

During her senior year at Williams College, Sumaya wrote a historical novel on the 1948 Palestinian Nakba and was awarded the Dunbar Prize in writing.

Sumaya is currently based in New York City, and is a featured author in Open City Magazine.