Jabrane Labidi

Occupation: Researcher. My specialty is isotope geochemist

University: Université de Paris, France

Jabrane is a STEM researcher. As an isotope geochemist, jabrane studies planetary interiors, and more specifically the way our planet acquired water and other species necessary for planetary habitability. Since the mid 00’s, jabrane has been an activist for justice in the global North, in both Europe and the US. Jabrane marched and protested against state racism, and organized to challenge racism in academia. Jabrane was recently in a town hall organized by the geochemical society to talk about the black lives matter movement, and how to implement actions in academia against white supremacy on our campuses.  Jabrane has also been an activist for justice in the global South, and specifically in Palestine. Although never officially affiliated with these groups, Jabrane organized at UCLA alongside with his peers at SJP-UCLA chapter, and in DC with the CodePink group, to challenge the status quo and demand rights and auto-determination for the Palestinian people, in solidarity with all oppressed groups on this planet. 

Blog: www.jabranelabidi.com

Twitter account: @jabranelabidiand

The Geochemical Society: https://www.geochemsoc.org/events/gs-eag-town-hall-discussion-black-lives-matter-promoting-diversity-equity-and-inclusion-geochemistry