Joel Reinstein

Occupation: Union Organizer

Organization(s): Jewish Voice for Peace, International Socialist Organization

Joel Reinstein is an organizer who’s been active in the Palestine solidarity movement for several years. He was part of the campaign for the University of Michigan to divest from Israeli apartheid, from 2014 up through its successful passage of a student government divestment resolution in the fall of 2017. He also assisted with divestment victories at the University of Toledo and at the 2014 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA. Outside of divestment, he’s done graphic design work for the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, and co-founded a campus chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace at the University of Michigan.

In addition to Palestine solidarity, Joel is a socialist committed to fighting against all forms of oppression and winning a better world. He has participated in struggles against police brutality and against the far right. He currently works as a labor organizer, empowering workers to realize their collective power and fight for a say in their working conditions. He drinks more grapefruit juice than is appropriate for someone his age, and more coffee than is appropriate for human consumption. He is also obscenely sentimental, but he tries to keep that a secret. He is not a lawyer in Florida, and regrets any inconvenience his Canary Mission profile may have caused to the Joel Reinstein who lives in Florida.