Maymouna Sissoko

Occupation: Student

University: Barnard College of Columbia University

Organizations: Columbia University Apartheid Divest, National Students In Justice for Palestine, Columbia Students for Human Rights, Columbia African Students Association, Black 4 Palestine, Mobilized African Diaspora

Your atypical first-generation, African, Femme, Muslim, Womanist activist. I strongly believe in intersectionality and solidarity within community organizing and grassroots movements. This does not mean tokenization. Advocating for those who share my identities and those who are oppressed in ways that I am not is grunt work, it is difficult, exhausting, time-consuming, and expensive but wouldn’t you want and trust someone who looks like you? Cause I would. Also no matter the cause(s) you are committed to read the Autobiography of my dear late husband -Malcolm X. That should be the first block in your foundation of your activism.

“Its a disgrace on modernity that being human isn’t enough for you to live and survive without systematic suffering.”