Neveen Ayesh

Occupation: Student

University: SIUE

Organizations: American Muslims for Palestine, CAIR, Palestine solidarity committee

I was born in one place but raised in two, making me Palestinian-American. I love life and being alive. I’m currently a student majoring in political science with the intention of going to law school. I do a lot of work within my community and am the government relations coordinator of the Missouri chapter of American Muslims for Palestine.

I enjoy writing, cross stitching and doing yoga in my spare time.
Canary mission and it’s followers have been harassing me for years.
I have literally been threatened and harassed, called gruesome names & beyond it from that website. They had Pamela Geller write a horrible article about me and broadcast it through her Facebook and Twitter. I turned their hatred into motivation by starting online blogging in hopes of getting my site viewed more than my canary mission profile. I named my blog “In Beiteen here and there”
It was inspired by the village I was raised in, Beiteen, located in the central area of
The occupied West Bank. One of Ramallahs surrounding villages. I visit Beiteen every summer since I moved back to America in 2010.
One day I’m here, the next I’m there. In between here and there, in Beiteen here and there. (get it?!)